Nordic Semiconductor: Introduction to the new micro:bit V2

Nordic Semiconductor: Introduction to the new micro:bit V2

In October 2020, The Micro:bit Educational Foundation announced the new BBC micro:bit with all the features of the original, and with the addition of a microphone, speaker and touch sensitive logo. The micro:bit V2 uses the nRF52833 SoC and opens up a whole new range of opportunities for students around the world.

In this webinar, Jonny Austin, CTO of The Micro:bit Educational Foundation (seconded from Arm) will talk about the features of the new device and how they have been exposed in easy to use, web-based editors. We’ll look at the micro:bit’s microphone, unique, cute sounds and also some of the capabilities of the hardware like keyword recognition, that have been exploited by partners.

Date: February 3

Time: 9 AM CET / 4 PM HKT & 5 PM CET / 11 AM ET

Duration: 45 minutes plus live Q&A 

Some background information

Prior to this webinar, it’s recommended to read about the new micro:bit here.

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