Continental and Telechips join on smart cockpit high-performance computers 

Continental and Telechips join on smart cockpit high-performance computers 

In a significant development for the automotive industry, Korean semiconductor manufacturer Telechips has joined forces with Continental to supply its Dolphin System on Chip (SoC) family for Continental’s Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computers (HPCs). This strategic partnership aims to reshape the future of automotive technology, particularly in the realms of infotainment, cluster displays, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) visualization.

Elevating Automotive Technology to New Heights

The collaboration between Telechips and Continental is designed to strike a delicate balance between affordability, development speed, and performance. Telechips’ Dolphin family processors, tailored to fit Continental’s HPCs’ pre-integrated function set, are set to deliver exceptional system performance. This technological integration promises to enhance the user experience across various automotive segments.

Streamlining Development and Cutting Costs

Continental’s latest HPC solution, the Smart Cockpit, presents a game-changing approach to automotive development. By combining potent processors with pre-integrated functions, this innovation dramatically reduces development work. Jean-François Tarabbia, Head of Continental’s Architecture and Networking business area, highlights that this partnership enables the company to fulfill customer orders from order intake to series production in just eighteen months, significantly streamlining the process.

Meeting International Standards

Telechips’ Dolphin family of processors recently achieved compliance with essential international standards such as TISAX, ASPICE, and ISO26262. This certification underscores Telechips’ readiness as a comprehensive global supplier of semiconductor solutions, firmly establishing it as the standard solution for Continental’s Smart Cockpit HPC.

A Vision for Future Mobility

JK Lee, CEO of Telechips, expressed gratitude for the partnership and underscored the company’s commitment to seeking future collaboration opportunities beyond the Smart Cockpit. Telechips aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility by advancing Electrical/Electronic (E/E) Architecture.

A Seamless Ecosystem and Enhanced Capabilities

The incorporation of Telechips’ SoC into Continental’s portfolio enhances the automotive ecosystem, seamlessly bridging the gap from the road to the cloud. These processors enable the visualization of “Surround View,” a 360-degree view solution based on four cameras, and power various Smart Cockpit functions on up to three displays. This advanced system offers a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings, from parking and slow-moving traffic to detecting pedestrians and vehicles in urban areas.

Next-Level Driving Experience

Continental, in partnership with Google Cloud, has integrated a cutting-edge conversation system into the Smart Cockpit HPC. This generative AI-based system gathers data to respond to drivers’ inquiries about various aspects of their journey, such as tire pressure or nearby points of interest. This integration, unveiled at IAA Mobility in September 2023, positions Continental as one of the pioneers in incorporating such advanced functionality into the Smart Cockpit HPC.

Pioneering the Future of Automotive Technology

The collaboration between Continental and Telechips represents a monumental leap forward in the realm of Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computers. By enhancing hardware capabilities, reducing development costs, and placing both companies at the forefront of shaping the future of mobility, the integration of Telechips’ Dolphin family processors is poised to elevate the driving experience to unprecedented heights. This technical integration aims to strike the perfect balance between performance, cost-effectiveness, and development time, promising an exhilarating and enhanced driving experience for all.

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