Microchip – Online Education Courses for Embedded Engineers

Microchip – Online Education Courses for Embedded Engineers

The innovators who create Microchip’s products and design tools also teach engineers how best to use them in a broad range of popular embedded system applications

Microchip Technology Inc today, announced it has opened registration for online courses that educate engineers about diverse embedded design topics ranging from C programming to cryptography and help them to use its products most effectively. Microchip University courses offer best practices for implementing a wide variety of systems such as the Internet of Things (IoT), communication protocols like Bluetooth®, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Controller Area Network (CAN), plus boot loaders and high-speed data analysis using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).

“Our customers now have access anytime, anywhere, to the industry’s most comprehensive range of high-quality, general embedded system control design courses,” said Ken Pye, Microchip’s vice president of worldwide applications. “These free courses teach engineers how to bring new designs to market more quickly and efficiently and get the most out of our products and development tools. We have been committed to giving our customers the highest-quality training on our products for 25 years, and now we make it even more accessible for engineers with all levels of experience.”

Until last year Microchip had offered exclusively in-person training during annual conferences it launched in 1997. Microchip University moves this curriculum online. Engineers learn how to use the company’s MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) and Core Independent Peripherals (CIP), as well as its solutions for creating embedded Linux® applications. The rapidly expanding course offering covers best practices in motor control, battery charging fundamentals, power supply, security, analog system design, and more. Microchip University courses also span the full range of Microchip products.

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On Demand Courses

Intro to the MPLAB® X IDE (Free, 33 min)

This class covers the basics of the MPLAB X IDE. [English and Spanish subtitles available]

MPLAB® X Tips & Tricks (Free, 40 min)

This is a collection of extremely useful tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of MPLAB® X.

MPLAB® Code Configurator (Free, 74 min)

MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) for Simplified Embedded Software Development

Creating Unique Digital and Analog Functionality by Interconnecting Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) (Free, 90 min)

This class will cover in detail a number of applications that utilize multiple Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) to simplify the design of different circuits.

Visual Debugging with MPLAB® Data Visualizer (Free, 41 min)

In this class, we’ll use MPLAB® Data Visualizer as a plugin to MPLAB X IDE to plot real-time data from PIC®, AVR® and SAM MCUs using the Curiosity Nano Platform, and Xplained Pro platforms.

Syntax And Structure of C (Free, 132 min)

Fundamentals of the C Programming Language

MPLAB® Harmony v3 Fundamentals (Free, 49 min)

MPLAB® Harmony v3 Fundamentals

Introduction to Embedded Linux (Free, 96 min)

Exploring Embedded Linux on the ATSAMA5D27-SOM1-EK

Exploring Linux Build Systems (Free, 40 min)

Creating your first Embedded Linux System with Buildroot

Building your Linux Development System (Free, 70 min)

How to create a development system capable of building Linux solutions for Microchip MPUs

dsPIC33CH Dual Core Device Architecture (Free, 22 min)

This class will discuss the dsPIC33CH family of 16-bit dual-core dsPIC® devices

dsPIC33CH Dual Core Programming and Debugging (Free, 26 min)

Learn how a dual-core dsPIC® device with various interconnected peripherals can be leveraged to accelerate time-sensitive embedded control applications.

MPU System and PCB Design Pitfalls and Solutions (Free, 75 min)

This class will guide you through the hostile terrain of implementing high-speed/high-end MPU devices within an electronic system.

Hello FPGA (Free, 92 min)

Getting Started with Microchip FPGAs

Simple Applications Using the MPLAB® Harmony v3 Peripheral Libraries (Free, 94 min)

Creating Simple Embedded Applications with 32-bit MCUs/MPUs using the MPLAB® Harmony v3 Peripheral Libraries

Creating Advanced Embedded Applications with 32-bit MCUs/MPUs using the MPLAB® Harmony v3 Software Framework (Free, 106 min)

This class shows how the MPLAB® Harmony drivers, system services and middleware enables you to rapidly develop bare-metal and RTOS applications.

16-Bit Bootloaders Using MCC: Device Side (Free, 113 min)

This class will focus on creating both a generic 16-bit bootloader and a secure 16-Bit bootloader using ECDSA signing features of the ATECC608B for the PIC24/dsPIC33 devices using MPLAB® X IDE and the MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC)

CAN and CAN FD Protocol and Physical Layer Basics (Free, 68 min)

The course will teach you the CAN and CAN FD protocol and physical layer basics

Introduction to USB 2.0 (Free, 69 min)

Introduction to USB 2.0 Part A: Basic Concepts and Tools

USB Device Applications with MPLAB® Harmony USB Stack (Free, 177 min)

Developing USB Device Applications with MPLAB® Harmony USB Stack

Exploring Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) for Simple Apllications (Free, 70 min)

Exploring Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) from first steps to final application

Rapid Prototyping Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Android Apps using MIT App Inventor (Free, 86 min)

Rapid Prototyping Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Android Apps using MIT App Inventor.

Getting Started Developing Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Android Apps using Android Studio (Free, 69 min)

Getting Started Developing Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Android Apps using Android Studio

Cryptography Primer (Free, 80 min)

Attendees of this class will learn the fundamentals of cryptography.

Design Considerations For Your First IoT Project (Free, 107 min)

Learn the essentials of a connected device within the context of IoT. We explore WiFi, Ethernet, TCP/IP networking and analysis, messaging, provisioning, cloud models and the basics of IoT security.

Create a Managed IoT Device Leveraging Microsoft Azure IoT Services & the Microchip SAME54 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit (Free, 62 min)

Learn how to quickly connect to the the cloud using Microchip’s SAME54 Xplained Pro evaluation kit and Microsoft Azure IoT

Analog Design Tools I (Free, 50 min)

Mastering Analog Simulations Using the MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator

Analog Tips and Tricks (Free, 43 min)

Some useful Tips and Tricks from our Analog Experts

motorBench® (Free, 56 min)

motorBench® Development Suite is a comprehensive software development tool for Field Oriented Motor Control (FOC)

Using X2CScope to Simplify Motor Control Development and Debugging (Free, 75 min)

X2CScope is a software tool that can greatly simplify the process of motor control development and debugging.

Motor Control Rapid Prototyping (Free, 70 min)

Model-Based Development With Commercial and Open Source tools for16 and 32-bit MCUs

Battery Charging Fundamentals (Free, 117 min)

Battery Chemistries, Terminology, Profiles and Charging Topologies for Real-World Products

Getting Started with CIP Hybrid Power PWM Controllers and MPLAB® X SMPS Design Tools (Free, 54 min)

Getting Started with CIP Hybrid Power PWM Controllers and MPLAB® X SMPS Design Tools

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