With many startups focusing on Internet of Things and related service, it has become difficult to keep track of organization in that space. To address this Erik Walenza-Slabe, has come up with a great initiative called IoTONE.

IoTONE assists customers in knowing various vendors around the world, on which technology they are working, what are the latest trends in IoT. IoTONE acts like a catalyst that helps customers in deciding which vendors to choose. Thus IoTONE is creating a platform for vendors to present themselves to customers globally.

What is Iot ONE?

IoT ONE is the most trusted source for information about the Industrial Internet of Things (Industry 4.0). The platform provides users with transparent information about IoT vendors and technologies to help decision makers confidently identify the right solution. IoT ONE also curates offline conferences, delegations and reports to educate senior leadership and policy makers on the technology landscape.

Which problem is IoT ONE trying to solve?

Adoption of IoT solutions is slowed by a lack of accessible information regarding vendors, technologies, and protocols, as well as by the high cost of using the wrong vendor or technology. IoT ONE is addressing the knowledge gap among both senior executives and procurement managers that prevents companies from investing in IoT solutions.

Who does IoT ONE help?

IoT ONE supports three groups of decision makers:

  1. Executives who control CAPEX budgeting and investment decisions
  2. CAPEX procurement managers who identify alternative solutions and
    execute purchase orders
  3. Functional managers who support solution implementation and/or use
    the solution on a daily basis


Erik Walenza-Slabe is a long term resident of Shanghai, where he pursues his passion for entrepreneurship and the Industrial Internet of Things (Internet 4.0).

As Director of Status Grind (Shanghai), Erik strives to build bridges between Shanghai and entrepreneurs around the world. He is extremely active in the local startup community and regularly hosts vising entrepreneurs and investors.

At IoT ONE, Erik’s team creates solutions to bridge the knowledge gap between IoT solution providers and corporate end users. Most decision makers have little experience with IoT technologies and are hesitant to invest in emerging technologies that lack a proven ROI track record.
Erik works to reduce the uncertainty and risk involved in selecting a solution by providing a structured map of the Industrial Internet landscape.

Prior to IoT ONE, Erik managed the local operations of Applied Value, an American management consultancy that specialises in improving cost and capital  efficiency and M&A advisory. Clients included leading international companies in sectors ranging from heavy industry to
private equity.

Our Experience

When a company is registered as a vendor on IoTONE, the team does a through analysis about the organisation and they create a vendor page for the same. In the vendor page, the cover all the aspects of work of the organization, they create a radar diagram that helps customers understand about their vendor quickly. Team IoTONE tries to cover each and every work regarding the vendor, and makes sure that they publish sufficient to help the vendor gain some attention. Also Team IoTONE or Mr. Eric, personally organises a Skype call with the vendor to understand the vendor in depth and remake their page.


It is great to see Team IoTONE work with such passion and energy. They are an excellent example of professionalism and perfection.

We are thankful towards Eric Walenza-Slabe for sharing details as well as spending time with Team IoTAdda.

You can view his profile here

Compiled by Praveen Gonsalves

Interviewed by Hrishikesh Kamat