Sequans Introduces Taurus 5G NR: The World’s First Chipset Specifically Optimized for 5G Broadband IoT Devices

Sequans Introduces Taurus 5G NR: The World’s First Chipset Specifically Optimized for 5G Broadband IoT Devices

Sequans Communications S.A. has introduced the ground-breaking Taurus 5G NR chipset platform, marking a significant milestone in the realm of 5G broadband IoT devices. This cutting-edge chipset platform is specifically optimized to meet the diverse requirements of various applications, including fixed wireless access, portable hotspots, mobile computing, video surveillance, and high-end industrial IoT. By offering cost-effective support for these applications, Taurus 5G NR brings forth a transformative solution that addresses the evolving needs of the 5G broadband IoT industry.

Bertrand Debray, Executive Vice President of Broadband IoT at Sequans, emphasized the strategic importance of Taurus, stating, “With our new Taurus platform, we are addressing the exact needs of the 5G broadband IoT industry. Taurus provides all the capabilities expected for the support of enhanced broadband services, but it is tailored to fit the requirements of today’s most in-demand broadband IoT applications, thus enabling a cost-effective solution for the mass market.”

Building on Sequans’ two decades of expertise in cellular modem technology, Taurus 5G NR delivers a high-performance and cost-effective cellular IoT solution. The platform boasts high integration capabilities and supports sub 6 GHz (FR1) radio in both standalone and non-standalone 5G NR modes, with 4G LTE fallback. It incorporates a dedicated dual-core application processor equipped with high-speed interfaces, including native Ethernet, which enables seamless integration with a wide range of IoT customer applications.

The Taurus portfolio encompasses both chipsets and modules, offering comprehensive solutions to expedite time to market and provide design flexibility for IoT device manufacturers. By offering reference designs along with the chipset and module options, Sequans aims to empower its customers with a streamlined development process, ensuring a faster and more efficient path to market readiness.

Key Features of Taurus 5G NR:

  1. 3GPP Release 17 compliance, ensuring compatibility with the latest industry standards.
  2. Support for FR1 frequency range (600-7125 MHz), catering to a wide range of deployment scenarios.
  3. Support for both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes, providing flexibility for global deployment.
  4. Carrier aggregation (CA) capability, enabling enhanced network performance and increased data rates.
  5. Seamless migration from LTE to 5G, with LTE fallback to ensure a smooth transition and backward compatibility.
  6. System-on-Chip (SoC) design features a powerful dual-core application processor, enabling smart edge applications and integrated routers.
  7. High-speed interfaces, including native Ethernet, facilitate efficient connectivity options for various IoT applications.

Taurus 5G NR Applications:

The versatility of Taurus 5G NR enables its deployment in a wide range of applications. Some key application areas include:

  1. Residential fixed wireless access: Enabling high-speed broadband connectivity for households, especially in areas where wired infrastructure is limited or unavailable.
  2. Enterprise and private networks: Providing reliable and secure connectivity for businesses, allowing them to deploy dedicated IoT networks tailored to their specific needs.
  3. Portable hotspots: Facilitating on-the-go connectivity solutions, empowering users to establish temporary networks in locations such as events, remote work environments, and public spaces.
  4. Mobile computing: Enhancing the capabilities of mobile devices by offering faster and more reliable wireless connectivity, enabling seamless data transfer and real-time communication.
  5. Smart building: Enabling intelligent automation and connectivity within buildings, optimizing energy consumption, enhancing security systems, and facilitating efficient facility management.
  6. Smart city: Supporting the development of smart city infrastructure by enabling connectivity for a diverse range of IoT applications, such as smart lighting, waste management, and environmental monitoring.
  7. High-end industrial IoT: Empowering advanced industrial IoT applications that require high data throughput, low latency, and reliable connectivity for mission-critical operations.

Industry experts have lauded the arrival of Taurus 5G NR as a significant development in the IoT landscape. Jamie Moss, Research Director at ABI Research, highlighted the importance of purpose-built 5G silicon for the IoT market. Moss stated, “Initial 5G IoT uses came as no surprise: automotive and fixed wireless terminals and gateways—namely, high-bandwidth applications that can reuse chips originally developed for smartphones. But the rest of the IoT needs 5G silicon that has been acutely optimized: simpler, more efficient, more affordable, and not merely cut-down or hobbled versions of higher-performance chips.”

Bottom – Line:

According to ABI Research, the annual shipments of broadband IoT modules, containing the chips used in IoT devices, are projected to reach 217 million units globally by 2027. Sequans’ Taurus 5G NR, being purpose-built for broadband IoT, is well-positioned to tap into this market potential by delivering efficient, affordable, and optimized solutions.

The Taurus 5G NR chipset platform is set to commence sampling in the fourth quarter of 2023, paving the way for broader deployment and adoption of advanced 5G broadband IoT devices across various industries. With its comprehensive features, performance optimization, and cost-effectiveness, Taurus is poised to play a pivotal role in driving the mass deployment of popular 5G broadband IoT devices, thereby unlocking the full potential of the IoT market.

Authored and Curated by: Anissh Babu