In-Person Events are Back, But Virtual Events Could Offer More Value for Technology Businesses. Here’s Why.

In-Person Events are Back, But Virtual Events Could Offer More Value for Technology Businesses. Here’s Why.

In the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major shifts in the marketing strategies of technology businesses. Industry events held in person, a once essential part of any promotional initiative, stalled for some time. This led organizations to seek alternative solutions for marketing and networking, like webinars and other forms of virtual events. Although in-person gatherings have now returned, virtual events still offer certain benefits that can’t be attained at physical events. Hrishikesh Kamat (HK) asks Tiffani Neilson (TN), CMO at IoT Marketing and Creator/Host of Industry Insights Webinars, what exactly makes virtual events a valuable addition to any technology company’s marketing strategy.

HK: As more and more organizations return to in-person technology conferences and trade shows, what is one big reason why organizations should opt to attend virtual events over physical events?

TN: From what I’ve seen, the return to in-person events is moving rather slowly. I have always been a big supporter of in-person events; however, I feel despite the recent global health crisis, a major issue right now seems to be the rising costs of business travel. According to a report by CWT and the Global Business Travel Association, business travel airfare is on track to rise nearly 50% this year over 2021 and is even set to increase by over 8% next year. Beyond this, a possible recession and geopolitical turmoil are causing further uneasiness. Because of these reasons, organizations are seeing virtual events as a much more affordable and convenient alternative to in-person events.

HK: What type of benefits do virtual event attendees receive over in-person event attendees?

TN: One of the best things about virtual events is that it offers attendees the opportunity to consume valuable content in a much more efficient and convenient way. With virtual events now having multi-platform capabilities, you can watch them from anywhere and from any device. Virtual events offer many of the same benefits as in-person events, providing attendees with a platform to hear the latest trends, expand their network, and promote their products and solutions.

HK: Speaking of virtual conferences, you recently held your biggest event of the year, the Summit of Things. Could you tell us more about that?

TN: The Summit of Things is focused on the Internet of Things and complementary technologies, featuring a combination of panel discussions, keynotes, training sessions, fireside chats, and more.

Originally intended for a virtual audience, the momentum surrounding the Summit of Things grew beyond the confines of a virtual environment. With support from the local Las Vegas tech community, the Summit of Things evolved into a hybrid event with a physical presence, held at the City of Las Vegas International Innovation Center.

We are excited to announce that we are now recreating the live event, to give our virtual audience the opportunity to engage with other attendees and the content. The Summit of Things Reloaded will be held on Tuesday, November 15th, as a virtual-only experience, featuring even more content, and an improved user experience for networking and viewing our more than 12 hours of content featuring over 30 speakers.

HK: What kind of experience can attendees expect from the Summit of Things Reloaded?

TN: Attendees will begin their virtual journey by creating their profile and bookmarking the people and sessions they want to follow, which sends them notifications when speakers and brands they are following go live.

The Summit of Things Reloaded was designed with an interactive layout that gives attendees the ability to virtually move through the environment like they would at an in-person conference. Attendees can visit multiple stages, networking areas, and even a virtual expo hall, all on a unique, experience-driven platform.

With insightful content spanning the many dimensions of IoT and emerging technologies, along with valuable networking opportunities, the Summit of Things Reloaded offers lasting value.

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