Building a Sustainable Future: IoT Marketing’s Green Things Summit will Highlight Geen Technology

Building a Sustainable Future: IoT Marketing’s Green Things Summit will Highlight Geen Technology

Climate change has become one of the world’s most pressing issues. From the displacement of entire communities due to rising sea levels to an increase in extreme weather, the effects of a warming climate can no longer be ignored. Action must be taken in order to save the planet, and thankfully, green technologies are offering a myriad of solutions.

This Thursday starting at 10am PDT, IoT Marketing will be holding its first-ever Green Things Summit, an all-day virtual event, to shed light on green tech innovations that are shaping the building blocks of a sustainable future. In this interview, we’re talking to IoT Marketing CMO Tiffani Neilson to learn more about the thriving green technology scene, the Green Things Summit event, and what attendees can expect from it.

HK: Public concern over the effects of climate change is increasingly growing. How can digital technology serve as a solution to this crisis?

TN: Now more than ever, new technologies are revolutionizing environmental and sustainability-focused efforts. Green technology solutions have transformed the way we consume energy, travel, farm food, manage emissions, and so much more.

Some of the most innovative types of green tech include 3D printed solar panels, drones for renewable energy projects, and vertical farming. At the moment, carbon capture seems to be the big thing in green tech. But there are so many other solutions out there that need more recognition. At our Green Things Summit, that’s our aim. Alongside more well-known technologies, we want to highlight solutions that may be more under the radar.

HK: This is IoT Marketing’s first Green Things Summit, but you’ve previously had two other events focused on green technology: Going Green with IoT and The Shift to Earth 4.0. What’s different about the Green Things Summit compared to your previous events?

TN: The Going Green with IoT and The Shift to Earth 4.0 events were two-hour webinars. The speakers we had on those webinars offered incredible insights, and our viewers found so much value in the content. However, even though the webinars provided a wide breadth of information about IoT, green technologies, and sustainability, there were more topics we wanted to cover but were unable to because of the 2-hour time constraint.

For the Green Things Summit, we’re excited to bring attendees a full day of content. The event will be live for seven hours. There will be keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, and training sessions, so there are tons of learning opportunities. Plus, with networking lounges and a direct messaging feature, attendees will have multiple ways to network with each other beyond the boundaries of a live stream chat.

HK: Since the subject of technology and sustainability can be very broad, what specific topics will be covered at the Green Things Summit?

TN: The Green Things Summit will cast a wide net of information surrounding the role that advanced technologies play when it comes to environmental sustainability. Attendees interested in sustainability-focused subjects will enjoy sessions about cleantech, decarbonization, ESG, green investment opportunities, the digital transformation of agriculture and vertical farms, and aerospace approaches on Earth to create a sustainable circular economy. Those more intrigued by the use of high-tech for sustainable uses may be keen to attend sessions about AIoT, drones, green tech, smart cities, and edge computing.

For those involved or interested in sustainability, technology, business, or investing, there will definitely be topics and sessions of interest. The content featured during the summit can also be accessed for up to 30 days after the event. So even if you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to watch back all seven hours’ worth of content from the Green Things Summit when you are available.

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