Quectel Wireless Solutions Showcases Extensive Range of IoT Solutions and First mmWave 5G Android Gaming Device at CommunicAsia

Quectel Wireless Solutions Showcases Extensive Range of IoT Solutions and First mmWave 5G Android Gaming Device at CommunicAsia

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a renowned global provider of IoT solutions, is pleased to announce its participation in the CommunicAsia event held in Singapore. The company will use this platform to showcase its wide range of products and services that empower customers in building a smarter world.

At CommunicAsia, Quectel will exhibit an impressive array of customer end-user devices, including cutting-edge offerings such as the Razor Edge, the latest handheld Android gaming device. Additionally, pet tracking devices, routers, point-of-sale terminals, and metering devices will be showcased. Notably, Razer, the leading lifestyle and technology brand for gamers, has selected Quectel’s RM510Q mmWave 5G module for use in its Razer Edge Android gaming handheld. This makes the Razer Edge the first 5G-enabled gaming handheld to enter the market, delivering gaming-grade connectivity in the US region.

Michael Wallon, Senior Vice President of APAC and ANZ Sales, expressed delight in exhibiting Quectel’s latest IoT products and services at CommunicAsia. He emphasized Quectel’s commitment to innovation in the IoT industry, highlighting their experience, skills, and capabilities in accelerating the development of highly anticipated products like the Razor Edge handheld gaming device.

Visitors to the Quectel booth at CommunicAsia can expect an immersive experience where the company will unveil cutting-edge IoT products and services, underscoring their dedication to shaping the future of the industry.

Quectel also presents several specialized modules designed to address specific connectivity needs:

1. Amazon Sidewalk: The KG100S module, in combination with a comprehensive range of matching antennas, offers seamless compatibility with Amazon Sidewalk. This integration streamlines the deployment and management of connected IoT devices and solutions, providing a faster, more convenient, and cost-effective approach. The KG100S module ensures persistent connectivity, enabling devices located beyond the coverage of conventional home IoT networks to stay seamlessly connected.

2. Satellite: The CC200A-LB satellite module, developed specifically for IoT industries, utilizes satellite IoT connectivity provided by ORBCOMM, a renowned global IoT communications and solutions provider. This module offers cost-effective global coverage, ultra-low latency, and reliable connectivity. It is well-suited for diverse applications, including transportation, maritime, heavy equipment, agriculture, mining, and oil and gas monitoring.

3. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: The FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module delivers long-range data transmission, low power consumption, reduced complexity, and improved penetration through walls and obstructions. Leveraging the IEEE 802.11ah wireless networking protocol, also known as Wi-Fi HaLow, the module operates within the license-exempt Sub-1 GHz range, making it ideal for various IoT applications with unique requirements.

4. Smart Modules: Quectel offers a comprehensive range of smart modules, catering to deployment regions and a wide range of interfaces and connection options. The showcase includes smart modules ranging from entry-level to high-end, addressing diverse customer needs.

5. GNSS: Quectel’s GNSS modules encompass a wide range of functionalities, including standard precision, high precision, dead reckoning, and timing. Designed with compactness and energy efficiency in mind, these modules find applications in ADAS and self-driving vehicles, unmanned flight, and smart agriculture. At CommunicAsia, Quectel will unveil the latest GNSS module offerings, including the LC79H, LC86G, and LC29H modules, known for exceptional performance, accuracy, and reliability. These modules stand out as some of the smallest and most power-efficient GNSS modules available today.

6. Antennas: Quectel is excited to showcase its latest antenna offerings at the CommunicAsia exhibition. These high-performance antennas come in both embedded and external solutions, tailored for a range of applications

, mounting options, combinations, and environmental requirements. Notably, Quectel’s Combo antennas, such as the YB0027AA, combine high-performance cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GNSS antennas, enabling robust connectivity. Visitors can also explore the 5G YE0007AA, 4G/LTE YB0016AA, Wi-Fi/BT YF0026AM, and GNSS YC0013AAEVB antennas at the show.

7. 5G: Quectel will present its latest 5G modules, featuring the full range of modules at the exhibition. Among them are the newly announced RedCap (NR-Light) modules, built on Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s Snapdragon® X35 5G Modem-RF System. These modules offer exceptional wireless performance, low-latency communication, and significant improvements in size, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Quectel’s participation in CommunicAsia signifies their commitment to advancing the IoT industry and their dedication to providing customers with innovative and reliable connectivity solutions. By showcasing their diverse product portfolio, Quectel aims to demonstrate their ability to meet the evolving needs of the industry and support the development of groundbreaking IoT applications.

Bottom line:

In summary, Quectel Wireless Solutions will participate in the CommunicAsia event in Singapore, where they will showcase their range of IoT products and services aimed at empowering customers in building a smarter world. The exhibition will feature a variety of customer end-user devices, including the Razor Edge handheld gaming device and other IoT solutions such as pet tracking devices, routers, point-of-sale terminals, and metering devices. Quectel’s collaboration with Razer, a leading gaming brand, highlights their expertise in delivering 5G-enabled gaming connectivity. Additionally, Quectel will present specialized modules for Amazon Sidewalk, satellite connectivity, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, smart modules, GNSS, and antennas. Their participation at CommunicAsia reinforces their commitment to shaping the future of the IoT industry and providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

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