TI simplifies current sensing with the industry’s most accurate Hall-effect sensors and integrated shunt solutions 

TI simplifies current sensing with the industry’s most accurate Hall-effect sensors and integrated shunt solutions 

• Lowest-drift isolated Hall-effect current sensor reduces design complexity in high-voltage systems
• EZShunt™ integrated shunt portfolio simplifies designs while reducing system cost and maximizing performance

Texas Instruments (TI), a frontrunner in advanced sensing technologies, has launched an array of groundbreaking current sensors designed to streamline engineering processes while simultaneously enhancing precision. These cutting-edge solutions cater to a wide range of common-mode voltages and temperatures, offering engineers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in their designs.

Among the newly unveiled products is the TMCS1123 Hall-effect current sensor, specifically engineered to provide simplicity and accuracy for high-voltage systems. Distinguishing itself with the industry’s highest reinforced isolation and unparalleled accuracy over both lifetime and temperature fluctuations, the TMCS1123 is poised to transform high-voltage applications. Additionally, TI has introduced the EZShunt™ portfolio, a collection of current shunt monitors tailored to eliminate the need for external shunt resistors in nonisolated voltage rails.

For high-voltage systems requiring precision control, the TMCS1123 Hall-effect current sensor emerges as a game-changer. Its standout feature is an impressive reinforced isolation working voltage of 1,100 VDC. This sensor exhibits a maximum sensitivity error of ±0.75%, accompanied by a mere 50 ppm/°C drift over temperature and an unprecedented ±0.5% drift over its operational lifespan. These capabilities empower designers to optimize system performance while significantly simplifying the design process. Furthermore, the sensor’s remarkable precision and stability eliminate the need for recurrent recalibration, thus reducing both maintenance efforts and costs.

Efficient power conversion control is paramount for enhancing system efficiency and protection. With a low propagation delay of 600 ns and a bandwidth of 250 kHz, the TMCS1123 not only enables quicker control loops but also maintains low noise levels, contributing to overall system efficiency.

The EZShunt portfolio takes design simplification and size reduction to new heights. By obviating the necessity for external shunt resistors, these fully integrated current-sensing solutions effectively amalgamate the value of discrete solutions with the convenience of a single chip. The portfolio encompasses options tailored for both cost optimization and high accuracy, featuring drift rates as low as 25 ppm/°C, offered in diverse packages and shunt values. Notably, the INA700 stands out as the smallest integrated current shunt monitor in the industry, enabling engineers to reduce the size of their current-sensing setups by up to 84%. The portfolio further includes the INA781, a high-accuracy 75-A integrated shunt solution supporting common-mode voltages up to 85 V.

These innovative offerings underscore TI’s commitment to enabling engineers to achieve more accurate sensing capabilities. The company’s Hall-effect and EZShunt current-sensing solutions are a testament to its dedication to enhancing the precision and efficiency of modern engineering projects.

Preproduction quantities of the TMCS1123 Hall-effect current sensor are currently available exclusively on TI.com, packaged in a 10.3-mm-by-10.3-mm, 10-pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package. Prices start at US$2.37 in quantities of 1,000 units. Additionally, engineers can acquire the TMCS1123EVM for US$49.99. In the pipeline, higher bandwidth and automotive-qualified versions of the TMCS1123 are anticipated to debut in the fourth quarter of 2023 and the second quarter of 2024, respectively.

For those seeking to leverage the advantages of the EZShunt portfolio, preproduction quantities are also available exclusively on TI.com in various package options as small as 1.319-mm x 1.239-mm, with prices starting at US$0.80. Evaluation modules are accessible from US$49.99. The Analog and automotive versions of EZShunt products are anticipated to become available in the second quarter of 2024.

As TI’s latest offerings hit the market, they are set to revolutionize current sensing capabilities, empowering engineers to achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in their designs.

TMCS1123 Hall-effect Current Sensor
Reinforced Isolation Working Voltage1,100 VDC
Sensitivity Error±0.75%
Drift over Temperature50 ppm/°C
Drift over Lifetime±0.5%
Propagation Delay600 ns
Bandwidth250 kHz
EZShunt Portfolio
Elimination of External Shunt Resistors
INA700Smallest integrated current shunt monitor
INA781Highest-accuracy 75-A integrated shunt solution
TMCS1123 Package10.3-mm-by-10.3-mm, 10-pin SOIC
PricingStarting at US$2.37 (1,000-unit quantities)
TMCS1123EVM Evaluation ModulePriced at US$49.99
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