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Automotive News

STM Launches Highly Integrated Intelligent High-Side Drivers for Automotive Applications

The VN9D30Q100F and VN9D5D20FN from STMicroelectronics introduce a new generation of automotive intelligent switches, the first in the market with digital current sensing among the fully digital on-chip diagnostic features.

Automotive Webinars


Join Microchip’s experts to learn about innovative solutions for your current and future automotive development. Our experts talk about making the vehicles safer, cleaner, more robust, more secure, and more convenient.


STMicroelectronics’ Advanced Image Sensors for Enhanced Driver Monitoring System

These new image sensors enhance driver and passenger safety and comfort Automotive electronic global shutter technology ideally suited for automotive and industrial machine vision, with disruptive in-pixel linear high dynamic

Automotive News

4x Boost for NXP Radar MCU

NXP has announced a radar Power architecture microprocessor for automotive radar that offers four times more performance that its earlier MPC577X. Called S32R27, it “will deliver the features and performance

Automotive News Power

DDR memory power chip

Texas Instruments (TI) has launched what it believes to be the industry’s first fully integrated power management IC for double date rate DDR2, DDR3 and DDR3L memory subsystems in automotive and

Automotive News

ARM Autonomous Vehicle Safety Processor

ARM enables autonomous vehicles with its most advanced safety processor… The ARM® Cortex®-R52 meets the highest functional safety standards Delivers the robust, real-time performance needed for next generation autonomous systems

Automotive Internet of Things

Smart Vehicles: A Green and Safer Future

Imagine a smart and safer car that senses and interacts directly with other vehicles and with the environment to improve occupant safety and convenience. The proliferation and evolution of active


Automotive Safety Rules Embedded Vision Summit

Although at this week’s Embedded Vision Summit explored new applications for vision, automotive safety still drives the agenda. The consensus from the Embedded Vision Summit (May 2–4) in Santa Clara