Microcurrent humidity sensor

Microcurrent humidity sensor

With the advent of Internet of Things, developers are coming with gadgets and inventions that are targeted to monitor the basic parameters that exist around us viz. Temperature, Humidity and Ambient Light. Low power consumption, smaller size and higher accuracy.

Texas Instruments recently launched a new HDC variant called HDC 1050. DC1050 is a 1.3µA ±3% accurate digital humidity sensor, that includes a ±0.2C accurate thermometer.

TI HDC1050 humitidy sensor

That supply current it at 1sample/s and 11bit resolution, which can be raised to 14-bit, and a sleep mode offers 100nA quiescent. Output is over I2C interface and operation is 2.7-5.5V and -40 to 125C for the temperature sensor and -20C to 60Celsius for the humidity sensor. The humidity sensor comes in a 3x3mm 6pin, and is available now from Mouser, as is the HDC1050EVM evaluation module which uses USB for control and data streaming via a PC.


  • Relative Humidity Accuracy ±3% (typical)
  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C (typical)
  • 14 Bit Measurement Resolution
  • 100 nA Sleep Mode Current
  • Average Supply Current:
    • 710 nA @ 1sps, 11 bit RH Measurement
    • 1.3 µA @ 1sps, 11 bit RH and Temperature
  • Supply Voltage 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Small 3 mm × 3 mm Device Footprint
  • I2C Interface

Below is a statistical description comparing it with other variants


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