Continental’s remote vehicle data platform live, facilitating data collection for connected services

Continental’s remote vehicle data platform live, facilitating data collection for connected services
  • The collection of multi-brand vehicle data in a unified format targets a wide range of potential customers and facilitates various innovative services
  • Scalable cloud solution, developed from the ground up to securely process and store millions of data streams in real time
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) and powerful APIs allow easy data integration into customer environments
  • RVD connects fully with Continental’s vAnalytics platform for data management, analytics and connected services to provide an end-to-end solution
  • German car workshop supplier and spare parts distributor Matthies uses this solution to provide workshop relationship services to its repair shop customers

Continental has launched its Remote Vehicle Data (RVD) platform, which is the foundation for innovative connected services. The platform permits unified access to multi-brand vehicle data via various hardware options and targets a wide range of potential customers. RVD is fully integrated into Continental’s modular cloud approach for connected service solutions, providing customers with an end-to-end solution along the complete value chain of connected services.

Continental’s modular cloud approach can serve customer use cases in the most flexible way, ranging from data access thanks to the RVD solution to additional modules like data analysis and connected services via Continental’s vAnalytics service platform. There is a wide range of services on offer, including customer relationship management, geolocation, geofencing, remote vehicle access, diagnostics and fleet management.

Being one of the first adopters of the combined solution consisting of RVD and vAnalytics, the German car workshop supplier and spare parts distributor Matthies uses the complete platform to provide workshops with a turn-key solution for connected customer services.

Standardized vehicle data access for rapid development of connected services

Offering different retrofit hardware options, e.g. a Bluetooth® OBD-II dongle, Continental’s Remote Vehicle Data solution targets the millions of cars in the field which are not yet connected. The solution provides in-depth access to vehicle data by standardizing manufacturer-specific vehicle information across a wide variety of models and brands

The full end-to-end connected vehicle solution provides:

  • a cloud-hosted platform, fully scalable and capable of handling millions of connected vehicles
  • device, license and update management
  • a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) and powerful APIs to enable many applications
  • out-of-the-box or customized services to suit business needs

Potential customers of the connected vehicle cloud solution are OEMs, workshops, fleet operators, repair shops, insurance companies, rental car and car sharing providers, and many more besides. They can implement innovative connected services based on vehicle data, such as special offers on upcoming service requirements and customized insurance tariffs, or make the work of car rental companies more efficient, to give just a few examples.

Large German distributor among first customers to use RVD and vAnalytics

One of Continental’s first customers for this innovative holistic solution is the German car parts and workshop demand distributor Matthies. They will offer a turn-key system that enables car repair shops to make their service offerings more efficient and tailored to the needs of their customers. In this innovative use case, the RVD platform provides the dongle-based connectivity, the vehicle-specific configuration of the Bluetooth® OBD-II dongles and device management of the dongles. Continental’s vAnalytics platform adds the service’s backend functionality.

“We are very pleased that our customers are already starting to adopt our brand new vehicle data platform. The RVD platform completes Continental’s offerings and enables us to provide a versatile end-to-end solution. We can now offer virtually any service along the connected services value chain, and also the hardware necessary to connect cars to the backend. This also means that we are extremely flexible with regard to the solutions offered”, says Patricia Stich, who heads the Diagnostics and Services department at Continental.

“Continental’s technologies create a powerful connected car platform that can be the backbone of a large number of innovative connected services”, adds Pasula Reddy, head of product of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) at Continental. “With these innovative offerings, we support a variety of applications and business models, ranging from new services for traditional businesses like car repair shops or commercial fleet management to shared economy approaches like car sharing, onsite refueling, on-demand maintenance or package delivery. A wide choice of integration options supports virtually any existing or newly developed services, processes and systems.”

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