What are advantages and disadvantages of IoT?

What are advantages and disadvantages of IoT?

Ill try to explain in Layman terms

Normal Life:
You wake up at 7am. Prepare breakfast. Read the newspaper. Get ready for work. Wonder if you need to take an umbrella along. You leave for work, and as you are climbing down the stairs, you forget to take your medicine. You rush back, open the bottle, pop in a pill. Rush to work. You wait at the bus stop. The bus is 30 minutes late and you have to wait. Or you sit in you car, usually it takes 1 hour to your office, but today you reach early because there was no traffic. You reach your office, prepare coffee, look at the days schedule and get to work. Mid way to realise you forgot to lock you door, since you rushed back early. You keep a worry in your head that someone might break in taking the opportunity. Or maybe you leave your toaster/stove on. You spend the day worrying about something that you do not have control over.

IoT Life: 
You set your alarm for 7am, but your alarm rings at 7:10, because your alarm has checked in for traffic updates and seen that there is no traffic in the coming few hours. It predicts that you will reach your office early. You wake up happily with few minutes extra sleep. You prepare breakfast. The alarm clock has already turned on the toaster, you quickly get ready. You leave for office, you try to open the door, but it does not open. It beeps saying you haven’t taken your medicine. You pop in your pill n the door opens. You take a look in the corner and you see the umbrella blinking telling you to take it along since it is going to rain. You reach the bus stop just as the bus arrives, you know whom to thank(alarm clock). You reach the office. Open an app, check for all appliances in your house, turn off the toaster if its on. The coffee is hot as you park your car in the office.

This is just a small part of the entire story. The advantages are plenty.

The scope is huge too:

Take a look at the layers of IoT, the amount of information and control you can get over things is immense.

This quantity of information can benefit as well as destroy humanity. It is something like the dynamite story again. With progress in IoT, there should be a progress in security domain as well.

Here we start coming to the downside of the whole hype. As the number of devices start to increase, you social and thing circle will start to complicate.Everything you own will start talking to you and annoy you one or the other day.

It will add up a lot of noise on your cellphones. Too much notification cluttering. And god forbid if someone hacks into your system. You will be doomed.


Author: Nishant Kashyap

Categories: Internet of Things