SigmaSense and NXP Collaborate on Multi-Dimensional Sensing for Next-Gen Devices

SigmaSense and NXP Collaborate on Multi-Dimensional Sensing for Next-Gen Devices

In an exciting development for the world of smart devices and applications, SigmaSense, a Texas-based sensing technology company, has entered into a licensing agreement with NXP. The two industry leaders will join forces to develop multi-dimensional sensing touch interfaces, opening up a universe of new design possibilities.

Lars Reger, Chief Technology Officer at NXP, emphasized the increasing demand for data in the next generation of smart devices and applications, requiring a fresh approach to sensing. He stated, “SigmaSense created a breakthrough in sensing technology with an innovative approach that makes exciting new product designs possible.”

By licensing SigmaSense’s cutting-edge sensing technology, NXP aims to leverage their expertise and collaborate on advancing multi-dimensional sensing capabilities. This collaboration signifies a shift towards a data-centric design approach, where software-defined sensing plays a crucial role.

Rick Seger, CEO of SigmaSense, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with NXP, stating, “Our co-development with NXP marks the transition to a universe of new data-centric design options driven by software-defined sensing.” This collaboration promises to unlock vast amounts of data from the physical world, empowering a wide range of products and systems.

Multi-dimensional sensing technology enables the detection of touch across various surfaces, shapes, and materials, thereby enabling previously impossible designs. One of SigmaSense’s groundbreaking innovations is the measurement of current direct-to-digital, delivering low-voltage, frequency domain sensing. This achievement represents an industry first, revolutionizing the way data is captured.

With fast, continuous, and high-fidelity data capture, coupled with intelligent digital signal processing, SigmaSense successfully moves analog challenges to the digital domain. This shift grants designers greater flexibility, leading to significant improvements in product performance.

The collaboration between SigmaSense and NXP holds the promise of a new era in smart device and application design, driven by software-programmable sensing. As the demand for enhanced functionality and data intensifies, the marriage of SigmaSense’s breakthrough sensing technology and NXP’s industry expertise will undoubtedly pave the way for exciting and innovative product designs.

As both companies embark on this joint endeavour, the future of multi-dimensional sensing looks brighter than ever, propelling the industry towards a new paradigm of data-driven design possibilities.

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